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5 Ways to Help Mondays NOT Suck

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

From a general societal perspective, Monday is the most despised day of the week. With this in mind, let me be the first to say that sometimes, Monday be Mondaying. *whew*

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And if you’re like me, this time of year causes a serious case of the winter blues to start creeping in. *sighs*

Despite those facts, I’ve been working hard on being more intentional in all areas of my life—so I decided to change my mindset about Mondays. If you think about it, it’s really just a frame of mind we’ve been conditioned to accept over the years. Now, I like to view Monday as another opportunity for a fresh start, and small changes in your routine can honestly help make a big difference.

Below are 5 ways to help Mondays NOT suck.

Sunday Pre-Game: Make a To-Do List

Although Sunday is technically the start of the week, Monday is truly what kicks off the work week and marathon of to-dos for most. I’ve found a method that comes in clutch: making a to-do list for the week ahead of time and committing to tackling at least 1-2 things on Monday specifically. Together, these give your week some pre-structure and make it feel less daunting. It can also help you be more thoughtful and intentional about how you will allocate your time. There’s nothing more satisfying than knocking things off your plate. Try this method and see how much better you feel just from simply getting started.

Monday's suck

Wake Up Early & Don’t Snooze

This is a hard one, especially if the day before became Sunday-Funday for you (haha). But trust me when I say that getting up a little early to get your mind on the right track makes a world of difference. Look, y’all—hitting the snooze button to get those coveted, extra few minutes seduces me too. But if we are honest with ourselves, how helpful or satisfying, truly, are those extra few minutes anyway!? Sometimes, it seems like those few pitiful winks of sleep just add to my grogginess. Carving out the proper time to ease into your morning routine really helps set the tone. That can be anything from 30 minutes to as few as 10 minutes. All I’m saying is that “You snooze you lose!” can apply here, too.

Dedicate Time for Prayer/Meditation

This kind of synergizes with my point above. Getting in some quality time with God and starting my day with prayer gives me a sense of peace and calm. Life can really through some curveballs and work can be stressful, so it’s important to stay connected and rooted in Him. You can use the time to express gratitude, acknowledge your blessings, and ask for discernment in all things. If there’s one thing I know to be true, He will help order your steps if you let Him.

Eat breakfast

Eat Breakfast/Have a Coffee

Even if you aren’t a breakfast fan, please put some fuel in your tank in the morning! It can be as simple as a granola bar, oatmeal, and cereal or as elaborate as pancakes, eggs and bacon (see my earlier point about getting up early). Your body and mind will thank you. Eating breakfast alone has numerous health benefits and can ultimately help you function better, kickstarting your Monday and week on the productive side of the fence.

Don’t Get on Social Media Right Away

I still struggle with this sometimes, especially since the internet serves as another source of news these days. So, there’s no denying that if you get tempted to open your favorite social media app after waking up, you’re not alone. However, in doing this, you are essentially letting filtered highlights, celebrity drama and advertisements hijack your mind. Try going a full hour, especially on Monday, without tapping on any of the apps and see how you feel.

social media break

So, friends, you’ve probably noticed that most of the thought starters above can be (and honestly should be) applicable to every day of the week. But if you can start Monday off strong, you’ll set yourself up for success, motivating you to tackle the rest of the week the same way.

From now on, we’re going to Mon-slay! Slay the day; don’t let it slay you. Hopes these help your Monday's not suck.


And That's Just Ashley

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