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Holy Grail Product that Will Change Your Skincare Game Forever

Updated: Oct 23

If you follow me on social media, you know how much I love beauty products and all things skincare. I truly enjoy exploring new products and letting y’all know what’s up.

And That's Just Ashley

However, there is one particular product that truly takes the cake and has earned a rightful spot in my daily skin care routine. That product? Clean Skin Club Face Towels – the world’s first single-use 100% biodegradable facial towel.

I discovered Clean Skin Club last year, and have been using them consistently ever since. These disposable face towels have completely changed my skin for the better, and I want to finally share why I love them so much.

But first, let’s start with the facts...

Did you know that your everyday washcloths carry a ton of bacteria, germs and dead skin cells?! That’s even AFTER you wash them—because detergent alone doesn’t always kill the gross stuff. Now, if you combine that with the day-to-day germs that live on your cellphone, oily pillowcases, dirty nails, etc., you might find yourself with a first-class ticket to Breakoutville – Population: YOU. Yikes.

But back to the washcloth. If you’re like (the old) me, you wash your face and hang up the towel in the bathroom to dry for the next use. The problem is that bacteria love to live in the bathroom. While you go about slaying your day, germs are congregating and turning up on your towel. Oh, and changing it out every few days just isn’t enough. Despite spending all our money on cleansers, creams, serums and moisturizers, the bacteria are waiting for us. Using a face towel could be the secret enemy preventing you from experiencing the full benefits of your skincare routine. Plus, if you like to wear makeup like me, it's important that your canvas is as smooth as possible first.

When I switched to the single-use Clean Skin Club towels and saw how my skin responded, I knew I struck gold! Not only does my skin feel super soft and clean after each use; over time, I’ve also experienced less breakouts. I basically love these towels so much that I became an ambassador and told all my friends!

Here are the product specs:

· 100% Biodegradable

· Ultra-soft

· Durable

· Unscented

· Vegan

· Cruelty-free

· Fragrance-free

· Chemical-free

Ways you can use them:

· Pair with a cleanser to wash your face

· Dry your face after cleansing

· Wet and use to remove face masks

· Use to clean your makeup brushes or facial tools

· Pair with your favorite micellar water to remove makeup

The best part? These face towels are affordable, coming in at only $10 a box or $16 for the XL size! I personally like to get the box of XL towels (50 count) because I can cut them in half and make them last even longer.

So, from now, on you can find me in the club—the Clean Skin Club, that is *wink*. If you’d like to check them out, you can use my code THATSASHLEY for 20% off your total purchase.

They are also available via my Amazon storefront. It's time to change your skincare routine.

P.S. They have some other great skincare products you can check out as well!


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