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Favorite Target Products Under $25

You know what they say: you don’t go to Target with a list. You go to Target with just vibes.

I can’t remember a time where I’ve gone to Target and left empty handed. While I’m always grabbing something, there are a few items that have risen to the top in terms of favorite buys. Some are tried-and-true repeat purchases, while others are officially staples.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite everyday products found at Target!

Deep Cleaning Pore Strips - 14ct - up & up™ - $5.59

Call me crazy, but these nose strips actually work better for me than some of the most popular name brands out there! I received these in a care package from one of my best girlfriends, and was shocked by how well they work! I’ve always struggled with clogged pores/whiteheads on my nose. Over the years, I’ve tried several solutions—from facials with extraction to nose strips with lofty promises. After the first use, I saw how much gunk these babies snatched from my nose; and with that, I became a believer!

Stoneware Hello Gorgeous Stackable Mug Pink/Gold - Threshold™ - $7.00

First, I drink coffee. Then, I do things. To start each morning, I absolutely adore drinking

my coffee from this stylish Target mug! Not only can it hold a good 15oz of your drink of choice, but it’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe. I love that the gold letters haven’t worn off yet, because I have definitely put some miles on this baby while working remotely.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original Acne Pimple Patches - 24ct - $7.99

These affordable acne pimple patches are medical-grade hydrocolloid stickers—and

quite frankly, they have worked pretty well for me. The patches are ultra-thin and so comfortable that I sometimes forget I have them on! The adhesion is great, so I personally like to wear these at night for protection to stop a developing pimple in its tracks or to shrink an existing pimple. They are truly a hidden gem.

Bonus: The Hero Mighty Acne Pimple Patch Micropoint for Blemishes work great as well, if you need more acne-killing ingredients.

Joon X Moon Champagne Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs - $4.99

Before I discovered these super-convenient, single-use sugar cubes, I was making my

own sugar scrub concoctions for self-care Sunday. As you can imagine, that was #amess. These handmade, natural cane sugar cubes lightly exfoliate your skin, and are boosted by ingredients like aloe vera gel and shea butter. They are perfectly proportioned; and best of all, they smell like spa and champagne.

Microplush Bed Blanket - Threshold™ - $20-$25 (depending on size)

Am I too old to have a favorite blanket? Because this super-soft microplush throw has

easily become my favorite to snuggle under all year round. This blanket comes in different sizes, so it can be used as a throw or actual bedding. The edges are finished to ensure that it doesn’t unravel, and it also doesn’t shed. Not much else to say here, aside from “I love it!”

Exfoliating Cotton Rounds - up & up™ - 100 ct - $3.49

These cotton pads are amazing! They are ultra-soft and absorbent. My favorite part is the microbead exfoliating side. I like to use these when applying my toner during my nighttime beauty routine or just with a micellar water to refresh my face. Definitely a repeat purchase for me.

What are you favorite items from Target? Let me know on IG @andthatsjustashley.

Happy shopping!

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